Edinburgh Caledonia

How we got started

Edinburgh Caledonia

Founded in 2011 from the result of increasing popularity in womens’ football. Originally formed as The Foot Ball Club of Edinburgh Ladies alongside The Foot Ball Club of Edinburgh. In 2012 The Ladies split from the Foot Ball Club to have their own identity. This is remembered in our club slogan fortius, going from strength to strength – season to season. The Caledonia part was then inserted to represent the intercultural identity in the team.

Edinburgh Caledonia have competed in the SWFA 2nd Division South East since spring 2012. Early games were held at Inverleith Park, a few bumps short of the Himalayas.

In 2015 there was a league restructuring and Caley played in the newly formed 2nd Division South East/West.  In 2019 Caley won the league and will be playing in SWF Championship South.

SWF Championship South